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President’s Message

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Changes in our economy and healthcare have impacted the way health educators share their message. Budgets and resources are tight, creating unique challenges for the profession. With these challenges also come great rewards. As health educators, we realize the importance and impact of what we do. It is so rewarding when we can see how our knowledge has helped another individual. Assisting someone in making positive, healthy changes is a reward that can’t be measured. I believe those rewards are why many of us joined this profession and continue to work towards a healthier Utah.

This year’s HEAU theme is “Collaborating to Advance Utah’s Health”. Collaboration is vital to health education because it is not the job of a single health educator to change the face of health education throughout Utah. We can accomplish more if we unite together to reach our goal of promoting healthy lifestyles and decreasing disease. As we approach a new year, I encourage you all to work together within your communities and develop partnerships to accelerate a positive impact on health.

HEAU is a growing organization and we hope to unite health educators across the state. HEAU is unique in that our membership is comprised of new health educators as well as seasoned professionals. It can be challenging to meet all the needs of our diverse membership base. We encourage your input and participation with HEAU and we look forward to a continued partnership for years to come. I appreciate your support and I am positive that 2011 will be a great year for health education.

Brandee Sommer, CHES

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