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Community Service Project in Conjunction with the USOPHE Spring Conference

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This year’s USOPHE Conference Community Service Project will be hygiene kits for children in third-world countries.

There is a public health need throughout the world. Something very basic, like a bar of soap, is something that we may take for granted but can make a big difference for someone in the world.  The UVU Public & Community Health Department conducts a variety of projects throughout the world where our students are making a difference.  In Ghana, Africa, UVU students are educating young boys and girls about the importance of personal hygiene as a way to protect them from infectious diseases.  Young adults are taught the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS. In Cuzco, Peru, UVU faculty collaborate with the Ministries of Health in conducting the Current Topic in Public Health conference. As part of the conference activities, health fairs are conducted in the high mountainous region of the Andes where children and adults participate in educational activities involving sanitation and personal hygiene. The contents of these kits will go to the youth in Ghana and Peru as part of these activities. Any donation you can give to these causes is greatly appreciated.

Project coordinators need the following in order to assemble the Hygiene Kits:
- bars of soap
- toothbrush
- toothpaste
- washcloths
- deodorant
- comb
- razors
- hotel-sized shampoo/conditioner
- gallon Ziploc bags

Please bring all donations with you to the conference on April 3rd.  For every three (3) items you bring, you will receive another ticket for the prize drawing.

Thank you for your help with this project.

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