Monday, October 15th, 2018

Mission, Goals & Bylaws

HEAU Mission

The mission of USOPHE is to improve the health of Utahns by promoting the advancement of the health education profession and the employment of health educators in the public and private sector.

Current Goals

  • Increase USOPHE membership among professionals and students
  • Maintain electronic media to disseminate health-related activities, information, and opportunities to all members
  • Strengthen membership involvement in USOPHE workshops, conferences, and activities
  • Promote USOPHE members’ awareness and involvement of current health-related legislative issues
  • Implement a fundraising committee to enlarge financial situation and benefit from non-profit status
  • Support and grow the mentor/mentee program
  • Boost USOPHE’s presence in the community through more community outreach activities
  • Build and maintain a historical account of USOPHE
  • Create more opportunities for members to receive CHES credits


The USOPHE bylaws are available for anyone who would like to read them.

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